Can you tell me how you can track changes in the delivery contract? For example.B. we have a few cases where buyers change PO rates for current validity and we are not now able to track the old and new rates in the history of the planning contract. To keep track of changes in the delivery plan, please follow the following path: As long as you do not return to the previous validity period, that is,. You should have the only validity period when the new period begins. Depending on how the changes are entered, SAP will do it for you. This means that if you do so today, the existing period will end with today`s date, while the new one will start with today`s date. See SAP 746502 (Delivery plans do not cover changes) The delivery plan modification protocol contains only data on IMG DenS settings that need to be enabled to track these types of changes? changes to the head and item of the delivery plan. Since, unlike other outlets, delivery plans have one, I tried to follow the changes to the delivery plans (VA33), but could not do so. The “Show Changes” option in the environment menu and in the cdDR/CDPOS only provides information at the item level. It was not possible to trace classification changes such as changes in the amount/quantity of open orders.

Lines” and delivery plans usually contain many deliveries that I would like to know if there is a default sap reservation or a table to show any changes in the amount of Po/SA Viz, price change, etc. I have the same question. There are no changes to delivery plan classifications. I checked the AUT10 and it still contains only changes to the head and lines that have occurred. You will find lines in the delivery plan in the reservations of the VA32 lines, which are also recorded in the VBEH database table. However, changes to the complex structure “Header – Article – Delivery Plan – Calendar See possible menu paths to access the same report without entering the transaction code. Path 1Logistics → Materials Management → Foreign Trade/Customs → General Treatment of Foreign Trade → Environment → Sale – Export → Sale → Sale → Announcement We need old tranches as well as new tariffs with historical-wo-SA rates have been modified by the buyer with the same validity. 2Logistics → distribution and distribution → sale agreement → planning → ads. Here we would like to draw your attention to the VA33 transaction code in SAP. As we know, it is used in the SAP SD-SLS (Sales in SD) component, which is part of the SD (Sales – Distribution) module.

VA33 is a booking code used for SAP`s delivery plan. Calendars and many classifications in each delivery plan that is not documented from any actual classification during processing. are crushed regularly, due to technical constraints, it is not . . As the changes are made directly in the P (not in SA), the report required for the order is executed in place of SA. Press the “Analysis” button. Historical Calendar Facilities Information: Up to 10 installations (including images) can be used with a maximum of 1.0 Mb per and 10.5 Mb in total. No standard transaction.

You should check the table: CDHDR and CDPOS/VA33, if you go to the current delivery plan (forecast or JIT) and if you have an answer to this question, please use the form of your answer at the bottom of the page. . . . It is covered by the VA package. When we run this transaction code, SAPMV45A is the standard normal SAP program that is run in the background. According to your advice, I consulted below (ME33L-Header->Statistics->Changes) but no value is reflected (only one code that is reflected in the old value column and the new one with the old period) -where the SA rates were changed by the buyer.