S101A For the first time Public Wastewater Application Form (PDF) Large Diameter Service Connection (LDC) Guide (PDF) Connection to an existing public channel S106 (PDF) Water connection of existing networks (25mm and 32mm) (PDF) If you are already familiar with our new connection processes and know the type of new connection you need, you will find all our application forms on this page. We also have a series of instruction documents that you want to read before applying or using them as a reference throughout the process. They contain many technical specifications and information on agreed design standards. If you are planning to dump something other than household garbage into a sewer connected to a public channel, you will probably need to get the approval of us before you start the spill. Please contact your authorized dealer to discuss this. Download one or more application forms below to respond to your evolution. Please save the following forms on your device before editing us and sending us an email. . Home and Water Pumping Policy Design and Tips (PDF) Our Infrastructure Tax for Water is now 395.00 – Do you need information on water assembly Rules? We can help you reduce this tax with our environmental rebate system. You can apply online for each of our apps using the corresponding links below Use a preview of our developer guides below for more information on our modified infrastructure fees on April 1, 2020, in accordance with the pricing scheme published on our website.